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Fastener Company Acquisitions reach Highest in 8 Years

Author : Date : 8/15/2016 7:06:35 AM
 There were 47 fastener company acquisitions in 2015 – the highest number in eight years, according to Richard Hagan of Pinnacle Capital Corp.

Hagan, a consultant specializing in advising fastener companies on acquisitions, said the 47 makes 2015 “the most active year for deal-making over the past eight years ...... the time period Pinnacle Capital Corporation has been assiduous in tracking all fastener company transactions.”

Hagan’s research showed 29 fastener company acquisitions in 2011; 31 during 2012; 29 in 2013; and 41 in 2014.

Hagan annually picks the Top Ten industry acquisitions and found 2015 “not easy” choosing the most important. Hagan’s Top Ten list is not determined by sale price. Instead the principal criteria is “the level of impact each deal is expected to have on the industry and marketplace,” Hagan explained. “We would typically consider a $25 million deal involving the combination of two competitors / industry-players to be more ‘significant’ than a $200 million deal in which one private equity firm sold a fastener company to another private equity firm.”

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